Two reasons to blog

A blog can be a venue for quite a free and informal expression of ideas. It’s a kind of think-out-loud space. It’s also a conversation of a kind, offering an audience and any responses they might make.

I want my students to try writing a blog. It’s a relaxed place to write. There aren’t a whole lot of formal rules about style to get in the way of simply getting words on the page. And if I think it’s a good idea for my students, then it’s probably a good idea for me too because I’ve still got a heap to learn about writing

If you are going to improve your writing, then writing is the one thing you absolutely need to do.

The more you write, the more practice you get at using words to open up your ideas so that your readers can understand them. And if there is one life skill we all surely need, it is the ability to make ourselves well understood.

Writing is also an extremely effective way to clarify your thinking. That’s the part of writing that is usually the most challenging. Bringing your thinking into focus is central to all your learning.

So, when you write a blog, you are actually improving your thinking capacity for everything you do.

Making yourself understood and learning to think, two reasons writing a blog can help me – and my students – to learn.